The Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control (MIVEC)

Clean Diesel engine.

Innovative Clean Diesel Engine

The all-new lightweight, low-friction Clean Diesel engine with the Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system (MIVEC) is the new face of diesel technology.  It is an advanced design that achieves an impressive combination of optimum power, high fuel efficiency and low emissions.


Optimized Performance

MIVEC is Mitsubishi's exclusive technology that varies the timing and lift stroke of the intake valves for optimal performance across the rev range.  At low ranges, MIVEC provides the capability to start the engine at low temperatures as well as quicker on-demand acceleration.  At high ranges, MIVEC gives you effortless power.


More Efficient.  Less Emissions.

Our new Clean Diesel engine boasts of a low compression ratio compared to traditional engines.  The lower compression ratio allows for the use of an aluminum cylinder block that in turn means a lighter engine and a lower overall vehicle weight.  This ultimately translates to better fuel economy.  A lower compression ratio also means less emissions and reduced combustion noise and friction.  Together with the MIVEC, what you get is a clean diesel engine that gives you the optimal balance of power, efficiency and low emissions.


Euro-4 Compliant

The new MIVEC Clean Diesel engine is designed to comply with Euro-4 regulations and even lower CO2 and stricter emission standards in the future.


Advance technology only from Mitsubishi Motors